Want Great Help Finding Your Next Career or The Right Biz Fit? Try Kolbe A Index

I love personality and strengths discovery tools (often called tests but they aren’t). They help me explore the depths of who I am and my value to the world. In the past I’ve talked about StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (take it here for free), and 5 Love Languages (take it here for free).

A couple years ago, my business mentor Michael Smith had me take the Kolbe A Index. Admittedly, I took it, thought it was accurate but just didn’t understand how it connected too much and so it kind of sat on a shelf for me.

But recently I’ve returned to the Kolbe A and my MO (modes of operation). And found it very helpful tool for those seeking out your first steps into the workforce, those seeking a second career (I feel like I’m on my third), or finding the right fit in your business.

My Kolbe numbers are 6-3-8-3. You can see what that means here in my Kolbe report here.

I found this to be spot on.

  • Improvising
  • Explaining — something I love doing as evidenced by sharing in this post
  • Adapting
  • Imaginging

But the recent tool I found based on the Kolbe A is the Career MO+. I believe it’s SUPER helpful for two primary reasons: Job Ideas and Interview Tips around your strengths.

And my results were pretty spot on from past jobs I’ve enjoyed as well as other careers I’d be interested in with a couple of “WHAT?!”:

  • Recruiter — something I really enjoy at iThemes
  • Copy Editor — a job I held several times in the past
  • Counselor / Therapist / Crisis Counselor / Therapist / Crisis Counselor — something I thought deeply about
  • New Product Developer — what I do at iThemes
  • Real Estate Developer — very interested in this
  • Technology Sales — a part of my job at iThemes
  • Engineer — more like I wanted to be an architect
  • Trial Lawyer — this is interesting – had never thought about it but think I’d like it (maybe)
  • Human Resources Manager — part of my gig at iThemes
  • Sales Manager — part of my gig at iThemes
  • Radio Interviewer — I love doing webinar interviews
  • Theatrical Producer — What. The. ?
  • Tax Accountant — What. The. ?
  • Sports Writer — my job in college for a semester and then later I was the creative director of a college sports magazine group
  • Alternative School Educator — interesting, have thought off and on about education
  • Publisher — I wanted to buy the Ringling Eagle newspaper
  • Politician — Um, yeah, I’ve thought about serving

Some of the other parts of the reports were really awesome and worth the price of the combo package to get.

  • Page 10 — Check out how careers fit your MO — gives you a list of job idea with notes of how it might be good or not great based on your MO.
  • Page 11 — Career paths based on your leading strengths — “the following examples of jobs that have bought satisfaction to people with an MO similar to yours.” I listed this above.
  • Page 13 — Striving for your job match
  • Page 15 — Sell your authentic self
  • Page 16 — Uncovering the authentic you
  • Page 17 — Writing a cover letter
  • Page 18 — Preparing for your interview — I found out my Natural Advantage is Entrepreneur on this slide. I bought the audio version and loved it. Very helpful and accurate.
  • Page 21 — Having a sense of purpose

Get your Kolbe A + Career MO+ here for $63.95. It’s more than worth the price and time.

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2 thoughts on “Want Great Help Finding Your Next Career or The Right Biz Fit? Try Kolbe A Index”

  1. Fascinating! I am a 6383 as well – and that job list was reflective of jobs I have held in the past as well as ones I contemplated when heading to university – with a single exception – Tax Accountant?? Yeah, no. Not a chance. Never. Ever. Ever.

    I’m not sure if the Career report would be of value to me as I am starting a business. But the Kolbe A was an eye opener. I get how I have slowed myself done and what I should not be trying to do anymore. And that will be a huge help moving forward.

    • I think the career report could be really helpful in seeing business opportunities relating to your natural instincts and strengths. But I agree about tax accountant!

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