Wanted: no headline, mobile WP editor

Or the ability to turn a headline into another block type. Even a photo. A la Instagram.

The headline is a barrier.

Instagram freed up millions to publish and share something they “created” easily: photos.

You didn’t even have to do a caption.

And you did it from the tool you have with you all the time: your phone.

Tumblr as I recall also alleviated this barrier.

Backstory: As I’ve been publishing here for the last couple of months, I forced myself to get over obstacles to publishing like:

  • Thinking it had to be 1500 words
  • Optimized for search
  • For others

I did it for me and I just clicked published.

But the headline got in the way. A lot.

Sometimes I wanted to post Instagram style of my sketches, or photos. Sometimes just a quote. Or a question and use the comments to get feedback.

Without a headline … and yes on mobile.

Headlines get in the way of all of that. And I believe a synthetic obstacle which I asked in Post Status if it’s required on the backend of WordPress.

I don’t know all the technical constraints. (I’m not a dev.)

But if you could simply switch the headline to another block I’d buy that plugin today!

Doing it on mobile would be a bonus.

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