What Does the Future Hold for WordPress?

Reflecting on 10 years of having WordPress in the world (anniversary was yesterday), I just published a post titled The Future of WordPress and gave 6 keys and challenges for how this awesome software can stay relevant.

Six keys to the future of WordPress:

  1. Blogging
  2. Mobile
  3. Identity
  4. Security
  5. Freedom
  6. You

And here are 10 ideas for how you can give back:

  1. Help get someone started on WordPress.
  2. Write a blog post about why you love WordPress.
  3. Teach someone WordPress web design.
  4. Join or start a WordPress Meetup group in your city.
  5. Attend and volunteer at a WordCamp.
  6. Proudly wear your WordPress swag everywhere.
  7. Start a business around WordPress.
  8. Contribute to the WordPress documentation.
  9. Report a bug or submit a patch.
  10. Let your voice be heard.

And be sure to check out my full post here.


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