Why Blogging Won’t Go Out of Style

I just did a phone interview with a reporter from our state daily newspaper about blogging. And in the interview, it seemed like I keep coming back to the idea of the popularity of blogging being attributed to it being relatively easy for people to do it.

I said this comment directly, which I’ve said many times before in a seminar I did on the subject and also person to person as I’ve explained this “phenomenon,” … “Blogging platforms lower the bar for what it takes to publish and maintain websites.”

I explained that in 1999 I bought this domain name and began posting my humor columns when I worked for daily newspapers as a copy editor and writer. To just maintain the site at the time took almost more time to update it, keep the links active, than my actual column did.

But blogging … or the software or blog platforms that run them … took almost all that work away. It automated it. It made it easy … at the click of a button type of easy.

I also told the reporter it’s so easy — publishing a blog — that if a person could operate Microsoft Word, they can publish a blog.

… and that’s why … the concept of blogging won’t go out of style.

What I’m talking about is … the concept of making it easy and near effortless to publish and maintain websites won’t EVER go out of style.

And that’s what blogging — the concept, the online software and platforms that run them — has done for the Web … and personal websites.

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