Why Is This Blog So Stinking Plain?

Yeah, I know … my site is super simple and plain … but really, the word for it is “minimalistic.” That’s the name of the WordPress theme I’m using, which I designed.

Here’s one real simple reason for its, uh, simplicity: It’s too hard to keep up so many blog sites and I want to focus on just a few things here.

And for now, I want to have something that sort of describes my design philosophy … I like clean lines. Lots of white space.

This site is really an experiment though … changes may be on the way soon. Time provided.

2 replies on “Why Is This Blog So Stinking Plain?”

I agree. White space can be great. However, I personally like some sort of border in between columns on my sites.

And, I must agree, it has to be hard to maintain so many blogs

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