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Why Serious Bloggers Should Transition From Blogger to WordPress

A prospective client recently asked me about transitioning from a Blogger-hosted blog to a WordPress one …

Here’s the number one reason I think all serious bloggers should transition from Blogger to a WordPress blog, hosted on your own custom domain name: OWNERSHIP, FLEXIBILITY AND CONTROL

Ok, so that’s three … but since I think they are intertwined into one big reason, I’ll explain them as one …

One of the biggest reasons I push serious bloggers to transition to WordPress is because you don’t own the domain name, Blogger does (on blogs that have URLs like this:

Yes, Blogger has a custom domain name feature, but that’s where flexibility comes in …

You don’t have FTP access on their BlogSpot-hosted blogs, meaning you can only blog and not do a bunch of other important features with your domain name.

But back to ownership for a second … I would much prefer building up a domain name that I own … with the flexibility and control in my hands, not in someone else’s.

The tradeoff is of course you have to actually pay for your hosting. But the costs of servers and bandwidth has dramatically decreased that you could buy your domain name and one year of web hosting for as little as $60.

And if you’re worried about transferring your posts, don’t worry — WP has an importer function where we can import all your blog posts.

If you do transfer your blog, you may have some Google “downtime” but I think this is the best long-term strategy for any blogger wanting to build a great online reputation.

So in the end, I realize there are a lot of issues associated with the whole “transition to Blogger” question … but I think for any serious blogger with long-term goals and strategies, GO WITH WORDPRESS! You won’t be sorry.

3 replies on “Why Serious Bloggers Should Transition From Blogger to WordPress”

Cory – this is a great suggestion for blogger bloggers. Having your own domain is very valuable, for many reasons.

So…what do you think about an established TypePad blog (like say a Seth Godin) moving to WordPress, or someone semi-established like myself?

Phil, great question …

I think if the blog is as established as Seth’s then obviously moving it might not be a good strategy.

But if your blog is still getting off the ground, I’d say make the move now rather than later.

Sooner is always better …

TypePad is a good product. But I think the flexibility and control of having it on your hosting plan and domain name (with WordPress) is worth it to me.

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