Why You Need a Rockin’ Blog: Exposure

Today, our state newspaper just printed an article titled Blogging Strategies Find Workplace Niche in which I am featured … and it got me reflecting on the amazing ride being a blogger has taken me on over the last year.

I said in the article that blogging helped me establish myself in my particular career field. But it’s done quite a bit more.

Recapping the last year or so, here’s some of the benefits I’ve gleaned from blogging:

  • I’ve started a web development, blog design and consulting business that has taken off beyond my wildest dreams
  • I’ve met some of the most incredible “virtual” friends through blogging … some of whom will likely be friends for life
  • I got my number one client through just linking to her blog in one of my blog posts and it started a dialogue with her that turned into an outstanding business relationship. (She’s also the reason I was included in the story.)
  • Some more people actually know my name now … like people in circles I wasn’t previously a part of … and also people who probably wouldn’t have known about me if I hadn’t started blogging
  • I’ve led two seminars in my field because of my blog … partly because I did two blog series that showcased my knowledge on those subjects (website design and blogging)
  • Oh, and I’ve had the privilege of being quoted in three separate articles in our state’s biggest newspaper … as well as my blog being profiled in a magazine.

But the biggest benefit I’ve gotten from blogging is … EXPOSURE.

That’s the umbrella that all this falls under.

My blogs, in particular my main blog, have given me an amount of exposure I don’t think I would have had without them … at least not this quickly and, eh hem, “affordably.”

Because I ventured out into the blogosphere with that first blog and blog post, because I took a risk …. my exposure expanded exponentially.

All this … because I started that first blog …

So here’s why I think you and your career … or maybe even your business … needs a rockin’ blog: It’s the cheapest, quickest way I’ve found to get … uh …. exposure.

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