WordPress ‘Evolving’ Into More of a Content Management System

Reading some summaries of WordCamp at Blogging Pro, I saw this blurb that really caught my eye (and excitement) drawn from Matt Mullenwegs talk:

WordPress is evolving into a content management system.

My friend Brian Gardner has talked about WordPress as a CMS … and I wrote a whole series about how smaller church websites could utilize it as a cheap (free) and easy CMS entitled Building Rockin’ Cool Church Websites.

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1 thought on “WordPress ‘Evolving’ Into More of a Content Management System”

  1. I can absolutely see WordPress heading in this direction; many plugins and themes have begin to go that direction.

    I can’t help but wonder: with Matt (and the WordPress community as a whole) in a backlash against sponsored themes, it would be very hard for anyone to create a modification of WordPress to make it an excellent CMS (a service to charge for) and still be accepted by the community. After all, a difficult standard has been set.

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