YouTube Full-Length Movie: ‘Cult of Sincerity’

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After I posted Why Free Internet Delivery is the Future of TV and Movies, writer/producer Daniel Nayeri emailed me about The Cult of Sincerity — a free, full-length movie that they’ve put on YouTube.

I got a chance to watch it over the weekend while I waited on my plane back from Chicago and LOVED it.

The message, acting, music — and stunts (Daniel) — were all excellent!

I’m going to save my comments about their marketing model for another post, possibly a Q&A with the filmmakers, but wanted to say a thing or two about the impression the movie made on me personally.

The storyline is about a guy battling the cyncisim and too cool-ism of his 20-something friends and generation. It was a message I think many need to hear, including myself, although I’m in my early 30s. I thought ‘Cult’ captured an accurate snapshot of the generation and Joe’s journey offers an opportunity to learn and grow.

Here’s a synopsis of the movie: “An intellectual and off-beat comedy set in New York, the film’s main character, Joseph, starts a “cult of sincerity” to confront the perceived unhappiness, cynicism, and boredom of his generation. He wants to find something to believe in, something simple enough to put on a T-shirt. Reminiscent of Don Quixote, Joseph sets off to find the most genuine thing you could ever say to someone. The Cult of Sincerity, is a witty exploration of changing friendships, permanent regrets, and hope in the age of irony.”

You can watch it here too …

Although you can watch it free online, you can get a download version from AmieStreet here ($2 of the $3 goes to an African charity called Fount of Mercy).

Also, here’s an interview from the three guys behind the movie on FoxBusiness.

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