The Flip: Take Quick Digital Video

Here’s my newest tech infatuation: The Flip — a quick-and-easy, point-and-shoot digital video camera.

This is the kind of amazing technology that’s filling a “need” in the market when I wrote about the Mighty Cell Phone.

Although I might be late to this party, The Flip seems to fill a huge void in the market. I thought back about how long most home videos are … pretty short, I thought, unless you’re taping a soccer game or want to record every second of your toddler’s life.

The Flip offer 30 and 60-minute recordings and you can upload to YouTube and MySpace and others.

I don’t know all the specs and haven’t read any customer reviews, but I think this little device could be a handy tool for video blogging and just all-around short and fast videography in the field.

Update: Here’s a review from the Wall Street Journal on The Flip

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I have one and we love it! The software to put the movies together leaves a lot to be desired but the ease of use and the functionality more than makes up for the poor software.

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