13 Reasons You Should WordPress Use to Design Your Business Website

We believe WordPress can be used to run small business websites … although it was originally created as blog software, and that’s what it’s famous for, we’re trying showcase WordPress as a full-fledged content management system.

(In fact, you can see some of the backstory of why we started iThemes and why we think it’s an AWESOME CMS here.)

But this article titled Have Blogs Killed Conventional Websites should really be named 13 Reasons You Should WordPress to Design Your Business Website.

Although the article talks about “blogs” versus conventional websites, if you follow what I’ve written here (WordPress is blog software that we think is also a great small business CMS), then you can see that we believe all these 13 benefits apply to WordPress and a good theme designed specifically for small businesses!

By the way, if you want to try out WordPress as a CMS … Notepad is our free, simple CMS WordPress theme. You can download it here.

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