An Email Newsletter Template to Emulate

I’ve been sending email newsletters for several years now and have to admit I haven’t perfected the skill of offering an email that maximizes click-thrus and actually gets read.

One of the most unique and effective examples I’ve seen of doing a blog-related email newsletter is from copywriter and internet marketer Michel Fortin. I can’t recall when he changed it to its current format, but it almost always gets my attention — for content and design — every time he sends it out.

Here’s an example of how it looks:

michel fortin email newsletter

┬áMichel’s email newsletter has several features that are quite distinctive:

  • You know who it’s coming from
  • The design is clean and crisp
  • The signature adds a personal touch
  • You have one link to click

Great work! What do you think? What techniques and tips can you offer?

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