Apple’s Steve Jobs Knows How to Sell Air

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I’ve been watching with great anticipation Apple’s Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation at Macworld 2008. (I got back into the Mac family a few weeks ago with a MacBook Pro laptop and iPhone.)

I confess though …. I don’t know if I’ve seen one of these presentations before … but, because I’m excited about being a Mac guy again, I have been listening and watching to it here and there as I work tonight.

One of the things that impressed me is how he introduced the new MacBook Air — the world’s thinnest notebook.

It was an amazing marketing presentation …

Here’s what he did and how I really love the way he sold this product:

  • He made a list of industry-wide standard features
  • He showed line-by-line what’s good and bad about them
  • He gave notes and commentary of what’s really necessary and valuable
  • He demolished the competition by simply unveiling your amazing product

It was a systematic, dismantling, marketing-by-education way of salesmanship. And I loved it.

To me, it’s similar to UPS’ Whiteboard TV commercials …. a simple, unique way of just showcasing how great your products and services are.

By the way, copywriter Ray Edwards got me thinking about this unique way of marketing about a month ago and it’s stuck with me. (Thanks, Ray!)

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1 thought on “Apple’s Steve Jobs Knows How to Sell Air”

  1. Your right Cory! All of the mac commercials are pretty awesome though. I stumbled into the Apple store here in my hometown over the weekend and to find to my surprise the Airbook was on display. My my what a nice toy. I thought about it but instead ended up leaving with the macbook. I just couldn’t justify the money for the icandy. By the way the themes you and Brian are creating and knocking out are awesome to!


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