What Do You Want in a Premium WordPress Theme?

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As you know, we just announced the upcoming launch of our premium WordPress themes site — iThemes.

Now, we’re EXTREMELY interested … what do you want in a premium theme?

We want to create the best products that help you accomplish your goals and objectives. We could try to guess … but why not just ask you!

So we’ve created this quick, unscientific survey … or suggestion box … for you to put your ideas and wishlist in for what kind of themes you want.

Specifically, we’d love to know …

  • What features, options, even color schemes would you like to have offered?
  • What types of themes are you searching for in vain?
  • What is the most you’d pay for a premium theme?
  • What would make it a bargain deal that you’d buy if you saw it?
  • How do you plan to use it? For your business or personal use?
  • What things about WordPress in general could be improved?
  • And, finally, what services, like installation and setup, would make your life easier?

The more detail you give the better … but we’ll take anything you’d like to give us!

Click here to take the quick premium themes survey! 

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1 thought on “What Do You Want in a Premium WordPress Theme?”

  1. Signed up and filled out the survey. I like Brian Gardner’s themes. I’ve been thinking about getting one of the Revolution themes. I’m looking forward to what this new venture has to offer.


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