Be the Solution

Don’t complain about the problem.

Don’t simply be the voice who just reports the problem.

Don’t be the guy who consistently talks about all that’s wrong and bemoans its existence.

Instead, BE the solution.

Be the answer.

Be the uniter, instead of the divider.

Take the initiative. Empower others.

Solve problems within your grasp.

Reach beyond your role or job title or division.

Offer assistance on your own time when it’s outside your “area.”

In my own career, I found the more I became the solution, the more valuable I was to the team I was on, or organization I worked in.

It’s an awesome career goal.

People will seek you out if you embody the solution, instead of spotlighting the problems.

You’ll be labeled as a rising star.

Listen, anybody can do point out problems!

Those of us who are managers of teams want people who are positive, and create solutions, unite teams, empower others through actions and execution.

Those who go the extra mile without having to define what an extra mile consists of.

Think about it: Would you rather work with a squeaky wheels … or the WD-40?

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