Blogging As a Rough Draft For Your Thoughts

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One of the super-duper benefits of blogging is that is clarifies your thoughts and ideas. It crystallizes them.

For me, it helped me rehearse and refine my ideas … and thus better communicate them with others.

After I did two blog post series on subjects, I found myself in conversations with others in my field being able to articulate my position and case a whole lot better. And at the end of the conversation, I could point back to the series, or reference people who commented or emailed me about those series and their experiences with the topic.

One of the reasons I created Warm Buzz — my linkblog — is so I could practice and craft rough drafts of blog posts. I’m still honing my workflow with that blog, but when ideas come to mind for posts, but aren’t necessarily fully fleshed out, I’ll go make an initial post there.

The thought is … after a while, I can revisit those ideas and thoughts and see what else I can add to the initial rough draft.

… yeah, I really love blogging!

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