Build an Ecommerce Store with WordPress

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Call me crazy, but I like to push WordPress as far as I can to do what I want to do!

That includes using it to create and maintain an ecommerce shop — like what we’re doing at iThemes.

So we’ve built our first Ecommerce Theme … and launched a new division for this niche in the process —

Go test drive the Ecommerce Theme here.

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7 thoughts on “Build an Ecommerce Store with WordPress”

  1. Hi Cory! I received your email and was interested when you started talking about ecommerce!… (So I wnt for a look)

    WOW! Is there anything that WP can’t do? I think you’ve kinda opened up a new niche just by doing what you do best!

    I’m looking forward to what other themes you have planned. Will you ever look at the possibility of offering a free one just like you’ve done with iThemes?

    Plus, a general question. What would be the best setting for the permalinks? Could you change them to /%postname%/ if you like?


  2. Mark, thanks for the kind words ….

    Yes, in fact, although the demo site doesn’t reflect that particular permalink structure — /%postname%/ — that’s the one I suggest to my clients.

    Here’s the 7 steps I suggest to getting the most out of WordPress ….

    And yes, we’ll be rolling out some more free themes — in an effort to make a contribution back to the WP community — and possibly a slimmed down free version of our Ecommerce Themes. Stay tuned!


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