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Link Roundup 4/18/07

Here are some links I’m bookmarking for reading and savoring and reminding …

Advice I Give To My Clients: Get This FTP Program … SmartFTP

If you’re going to do much work on the web besides typical posting, etc. on your blog, you’re going to need a good FTP program.

My suggestion is SmartFTP … pretty neat program. It remembers you addresses, passwords, etc. And you can have multiple tabs and thus sites up.

Advice I Give To My Clients: On Finding Quality Photos

One of the hardest things about blogging is finding quality photos to use in your graphical headers.

Here are a couple of places I use to find top-notch photos and graphics.

IStockPhotos – it’s a paid site, but the quality is great
Stock.Xchng – free site, good stuff, check the restrictions
Flickr’s Creative Commons photos – free but check the license

There’s more, but these are the ones I use most frequently …

Advice I Give My Clients: Add This To Your Blog

One of the things I’ve struggled with is adding social bookmarking functions like and Digg to my blogs …

Now with AddThis, it is all bundled into one nice, neat, little button.

Check out the AddThis WordPress Plugin also.

[Originally seen and coveted on ProBlogger]

How to Increase Your Blog’s Email Newsletter and Feeds Subscriptions

I’ve started a new category called “Advice I Give My Clients” and while I might not give everything away through this series of posts … I’m planning on giving some good advice I’ve learned in my blogging experience.

So here’s the first in this series … how to increase your blog’s email newsletter and feed subscriptions …

One tweak will help you dramatically and did for me on my main blog

Put a feed button and email subscription form in the template of your blog’s single posts. This is the individual page link of your post, at the end of your posts …

Here’s the theory that I’ve seen work … I found that 50 percent of my visitors were coming from Google or search engines … that means that 50 percent of my traffic came to single posts within my blog.

For the longest time I had my feed and email subscription field where it usually is … at the top of the right sidebar.

But what I realized was … guests to my blog posts read the headline, then down through the post … until the end (usually).

Which means … they ended up … at the comments.

Now, while I like comments and want the conversation to keep going … what’s more important to me is the repeat traffic to my blog.

How do I get repeat traffic? Through getting people to subscribe to my feed … and sending out my monthly-ish email newsletter.

The answer … putting those two vital functions right where the reader can easily find them.


And, hey, if they like what they read in the post … what better time to make that offer to them!