Cheers to the Little Guys

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In January, it’ll be 9 years of doing business in WordPress at iThemes.

So crazy to think we’re nearing a decade of work.

And I’m thankful for every minute of it, even the toughest parts.

Today, for a couple of reasons, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

Almost 9 years later now, one of my best friends isn’t even in WordPress anymore, others who started the same year as I did have now gotten acquired, while a couple of others are struggling this very week.

Additionally, there are now some big shadows being cast by big companies who play by different rules. 

But I always root for the underdog, the little guy, the small guy, the underfunded, outmanned team … the Davids … because, well maybe, I’ve always felt like I will always be that guy too.

So …

Cheers to the little guys (and gals), who still scrape and struggle each day, while continuing to invest in the community, build great products, support and value their people and relationships and seek to do business the right way.

Even though I am one of you, I am also your fan.

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