Impact Is So Incredibly Simple

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This week I got notes from two people who just thanked me for simply being a decent human being to them.

Although I’m always incredibly encouraged and grateful when I get notes like this, it just reminded me of how simple it is to make an impact in other people’s lives.

So I wanted to offer some simple yet profound ways I’ve discovered to making an impact in another’s life:

  • Be generous, good and kind, treating all sincerely as equals and worthy yet unique and special.
  • Ask for and remember people’s names. Then the next time you see them, call them by their names. It’s tough sometimes to do this and sometimes I go blank, but every time I do it, I see the remarkable difference it makes in people’s lives. And I’m no different. I want people to remember my name too. It reminds us, “I matter.”
  • Simply smile, showing you are open to connecting with other human beings. It offers affection and acceptance.
  • Listen, giving your full attention. It’s very hard to give everyone equal time and attention, but listening shows respect and worth. Listening says, “I care.”
  • Be vulnerable and share your struggles too. I admit this is a tough one. But it reminds people we’re all human, in the human experience, together. The talks I’ve been giving for the last two years have included intensely personal stories of my own pain, suffering and struggles. Every single time I’ve done so, I hear and see relief in others who know … they aren’t alone.


I want to have an impact in other’s lives.

I want my life to matter and that means using my time, talent, treasure to make other people’s lives awesome.

And it’s amazing how simple it is to do so.

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