Check Out This New Talent Assessment Tool Called Plum

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I have a friend who is looking for a new gig, who I’m helping her with her resume and cover letter. One of the places she applied for had a very in-depth assessment tool, taking over an hour. I got to look over her shoulder a couple of times and it fascinated me, so I look around for what the tool was.

What I found was Plum Talent Assessment, so naturally I took the free assessment. It’ll take around 20-30 minutes and I found it sometimes frustrating and brutal at times, but I appreciated the results.

Here are my top “Talents” profile. I found it to really resonate in my professional career and several others I’ve shared it with have found it was spot on for theirs too.

Go take the free assessment and share your results in the comments.

My top Strengths and Personality Discovery tools are still (in this order):


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