Chitika’s Excellent Strategy for Getting Tons of Linkbacks, Traffic, and Exposure

Chitika is throwing a 30-day, 30-expert blog bash … it’s chock full of excellent, practical “empower the blogger” type tips from ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse and Daily Blog Tips’s Daniel … and much more.

Here’s a mathematical formula for why this is an excellent strategy:

High profile bloggers sharing practical tips in one 30-day series equals hundreds of linkbacks (count the ones in this post alone) …. plus not to mention the traffic and exposure that’ll be generated from the 30 bloggers.

Good stuff, indeed.


  1. Hey Cory, how are ya? No a biggie, but you misspelled Chitika in the title. Just thought i’d let ya know! Thanks for the post about Problogger and Blog Bash! Five more days Left!

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