Two Feet Firmly Planted in the 30s

Today, I’m officially 31 years old …

Wow … last year, when I turned 30 it was a deep time of reflecting on my life and where I’m at, etc. This year is no different.

This year, I’ve made a couple of realizations:

  • I’m getting more and more grey hairs popping up
  • I can eat everything I did when I was 20
  • I think more about health insurance — or aka stability and security — than adventure and job hopping
  • I love having three weeks of vacation every year and bosses who let me do what I’m skilled to do

It’s just real interesting all of this …

My question, as it was last year, is … how do I want to spend the next 10 years of my life?

Where do I want to be when I’m 40?

Good questions indeed … one I’ll be talking to my Lord about …. seeking His wisdom and guidance.

OK, there’s my self-reflection for today.


  1. Happy Birthday Cory –

    Love the designs. Good point at the end. I’m 31 as well and have been contemplating those same things. Sometimes I forget those last two sentences about seeking the Lord’s guidance regarding where I should be heading. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. A belated happy birthday. My birthday is April 28 so I guess that means that you are one day older than me (the birth year doesn’t count).

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