Clear Your Head with a Drive

Today, on my way to pickup my buddy Brian Gardner for a couple days of snow skiing, I had about four hours of uninterrupted (no Internet, chat, email distractions) to think and clear my head.

I used to do this a lot while I was in college … just start driving and exploring and think … and for an introvert like me, this time of isolation always helped me recharge my batteries.

And I realized today that I missed that time.

For the last couple of months particularly I’ve been consumed with our business and all kinds of strategies, plans and execution of them.

Without this type of clearing, my thoughts get cloudy, jumbled … most of the time I’m running life with the gas pedal on the floor — full speed ahead.

And if I even have a web connection, all kinds of distractions send me down different paths of thinking.

Fires to put out. People to talk to. Projects to manage. Chat messages that pop up. Phone calls from friends and family. Blog posts that I want to read but end up bookmarking into oblivion.

But today … nothing but the Oklahoma and Texas panhandle.

Very refreshing indeed!

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I have to agree with you. There is nothing better than just taking time for yourself. Often when I have a big problem to solve the best solution is getting on my bike and going for a extended ride.

I would go for a drive every few weeks but when gas prices hit close to $4, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money to just drive around.
I have started doing more bike riding and that helps but there is something about just driving though.

I did this last Sunday evening.
While at UCO I often jumped on my bike and went for a ride. Silence is deafening, and the crazy mixture of extrovert/introvert I happen to be loves the moments of solitude.

Thanks everybody for commenting … it’s always amazing that the posts I do almost on a whim get more traction!

So … today I did about 5 more hours of driving (taking my friend to the airport) … what was awesome about it is being in the mountains. So I was inspired.

Great time for prayer too!

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