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Competing Against Amateurs

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, particularly offering your services as a freelancer, you’ve undoubtedly heard a prospective client say something like this:

I know someone [typically a young relative] who can do [what they think you do] for [less money].

As someone who once offered services as a web designer and served freelancers for over a decade, I’ve heard this story hundreds of times over the years.

A startup entrepreneur I know recently shared a similar response from a prospective client for her services (which we’ll say is web design services), which prompted this post.

My QUICK reply back to her was ….

  • Does “someone” know and keep up with HTML, CSS, browsers, devices? Website and SEO best practices? (Skills, Knowledge)
  • How long has “someone” been doing this work? Who else do they work with? (Authority, Credibility)
  • Will “someone” be there when software needs updating, or you have a problem and need help? (Trust, Dependability)
  • How does “someone’s” process work for getting your desired outcome for this work? (Confidence)

I did not recommend she actually say those things to the prospective client …. but it serves as a good exercise to help you answer these questions:

What sets you apart?
Why are you different?

Which is really another way of saying, Why should I pick you?

Although it’s frustrating to think we are competing against amateurs or even have to go through this, it can be used as a good exercise to further understand our positioning, our strengths, etc.


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