What Business Are You Really In?

I want to be in the Moving business.

At least that is my highest aspiration for all my businesses, but let me explain.

As I see it, there are generally two ways of doing business: Transactional or Transformational.

If you’re in the Transaction business, you’re selling widgets.

You’re in the business of selling …. car insurance, or a hamburger, or a piece of software that does X, Y and Z.

It’s just an exchange. You give me a dollar. I give you this service or product.

But …

If you’re in the Transformation business, you’re in the Moving business.

You’re not just selling a component, you’re offering to help people get from Point A to Point B.

  • Sometimes it is away from pain
  • Other times it is toward gain

But the key mission to being a transformational business is … you help your people get to where they want to be.

For making dreams happen … like a sherpa walking alongside them to their summit.
For solving problems … like a trusted ally and friend.
For relieving pain or frustration … like the best aspirin.

You become the response to your customer thinking:

I need some help. I don’t have all I need to get there.

You might be renting the dolley for an afternoon.
Or you might be renting the whole truck.
Or you could be showing up with two muscled up pros, box and load it all up and then drive it to the next place.

Whatever you ultimate offer your customers, be in the Moving business.

The Business of Transformation – that’s doing good and doing well in the world.


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