Creating An Inspiring Workspace

In this video Matt Danner from iThemes gives an overview of our 2,400 sq. ft. office located in Edmond, Oklahoma, a northern suburb of Oklahoma City.

Matt was instrumental in helping us design a workspace we’re all proud of. Needless to say it’s not finished and it’s the v. 4 of our iThemes Office. (Yes, that means we’ve had 4 offices now.)

Like everything we’re constantly improving to match our needs and offer the best, most inspiring and efficient workspace we can.

Our objectives for this space were simple: we needed a larger space to do more and house more of our team. And we wanted to make this space uniquely of own playground.

For me, it was important that our team have an inspiring and comfortable workspace. And we found a great and affordable space to do so and were pumped to make it happen.

Here are the main areas Matt talks about:

  • Dev Area — we put all of our core dev team in one long area and in clusters of IKEA desks with whiteboards everywhere to foster collaboration and camaraderie
  • Idea Lounge — This is where we can get away and not distract other team members to brainstorm and discuss things. We have regular meetings here. Again, more whiteboards
  • Studio — In v. 3 of our office, we converted a private room into our first studio. We do a weekly show ( and with v. 4 of our office we wanted to take it to the next level. We bought nice couches, and outfitted it for a nice look. And we’ve dedicated the biggest private room to be simply our studio. That’s how much it means to us. Sometimes we use this for private meetings, a change of scenery to work from, to do webinar training or whatever else comes to mind.
  • Break Room — We stock the fridge and breakroom with all kinds of snacks, drinks, and even cheese dip or whatever else the team puts on the board.
  • Two Private Offices — I have one private office and we currently have an open private office that’s used for our shirts and a temp office for anyone who needs it.
  • Big Garage Space / Conference Table — This big area has a 42″ flat screen TV, AppleTV with Netflix. The team will often bring food back and watch TV or short movies during their lunch. It’s used more often for this than anything else. Yes, there is a garage door here to open when it’s nice outside.

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Bryce, we’ve seen the IdeaPaint stuff … but we went to Home Depot and bought white board used for walls … it’s like $12 and we just put anchors in the walls.

I like that this video lets us show off some of the cool things that we have done to the space, but I hope people understand that the space is near irrelevant. You can have the greatest space in the coolest city, but the people and atmosphere are the key. We are lucky to have such a nice office with cool things, but we are really grateful for the team in it.

My two cents.

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