Duct Tape Marketing Business Blog WordPress Theme Released

In collaboration with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, I’m releasing a new free WordPress theme called Duct Tape Business Blog.

business blog

Key features include:

  • Three column layout
  • Newspaper and magazine Web 2.0 feel
  • Widget ready
  • Built-in date stamp on top for fresh appeal
  • Ready for your in-house products and services ads

Take the theme for a test run here.

This is the theme’s support post. Please report all theme-related problems here in the comments, noting your site link, browser used and specific problem. Please read this post for what is and is not covered in a free WordPress theme release.

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13 responses to “Duct Tape Marketing Business Blog WordPress Theme Released”

  1. Cory,

    Thanks for the OUTSTANDING theme
    of yours that you released thru
    Duct tape marketing.

    Do you have a place where I can ask
    questions about that theme …
    … some simple things about making slight
    changes that I want to do myself.. but don’t
    have much expertise.

    If so, please point me there.

    PS… I was so impressed by your work,
    AND then I went to your Church Communications Pro website… I spent at least 5 hours over the last few days reading all your fine articles… and noticing many sweet features you’ve been subtle about having on your site.

    Great work

  2. I really like this theme but I have a few questions.

    (a) How does one set, for example, the links at the top or the “featured product photo”? Is there an options page I am missing, or does it have to be done through direct editing of the files?

    (b) This is actually common to many blog themes: A lot of my screen real estate (>20%) is left blank on the right and left sides of the screen. Any way to expand the middle column, squeezing the other two into the wings and allowing me closer to 100% utilization? It’s important because my eyes aren’t that hot and I usually browse at a large font.

    Anyway, I wanted to say again how snazzy this theme is. It’s crisp and professional, unlike all too many WordPress themes. Very nice work!

    With respect,
    -=-Bernard HP Gilroy

  3. Love this theme…

    I noticed a difference in the post content between IE7 (all post text is centered) and firefox (all post text is left justified).

    I personally prefer the firefox look…

    Is there something that needs to be added to fix this for proper display on IE7?

  4. What is the best way to utilize a logo image instead of the website title? Thanks for the great theme!

  5. I LOVE this theme – great job!!!!

    I am trying to customize the feature photo through my cpanel admin – where is the file and what is it called? Thanks.

  6. Hey everyone, I’m sorry that these comments are just now showing up … I had the comment notifications feature turned off and didn’t realize these were waiting on me.

    Some of these questions require some investigation … but here are some quick answers to some of these questions …

    Bernard, 1. to tweak the links, in WordPress, go to Presentation / Theme Editor … then edit the Header file. You should see those example links where you can insert your own text and hyperlinks.

    2. All my themes are fixed width, meaning they don’t scale according to your browser window. I design themes for the most broad and widely accepted current browser widths, so that the theme will fit in the majority of screens out there.

    Chris, there’s not an easy way to do this as I designed it so someone without graphic skills could do the blog. You can however just put an image where the header text is …. but you’ll have to get the background image to go behind it if you keep that. Make sense?

    Fran, to change the feature photo … it’s in your theme folder’s “images” folder … it’s called “photo1.jpg” … the easiest way to change it is to upload a file by the same name …

  7. Cory,
    Any chance you could give specific details on adding in a header image? I would really appreciate it.

  8. Chris, instead of going through a ton of details on how to install a header graphic … I’ll just plan to release a graphic header version soon. Stay tuned.

  9. Hi Cory
    This is truly a great theme. I have one little problem with it though : In IE (which I dont use), the posts show up way down, around the end of the right sidebar. I have gone through the code but I obviously haven’t found it. I use widgets, no hardcoding in the sidebar files. If I remove widgets from the right sidebar, the posts move up with them. Any idea ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Servaas

  10. Servaas, it’s got to do with something in your widgets that’s causing the sidebar to push over and break the main content div.

  11. Re: putting a logo graphic in the header … you’re going to have to insert something like this in place of the header code …

    < div align="center">< img src="/images/header.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Blog Name” / >

    But I’ll warn you, I’m not sure what that’ll do to all the padding in the header area … and you’ll need to match the background in your logo.

    FYI, I’m probably a week or two (it’s 7/7/07) away from getting a header graphic version out.

  12. OK, everyone … we’re unveiled the graphical header version for this theme … come and get it!

    Graphical Header Version Here

  13. Hi,
    This is a very nice theme and I would love to use it, but I was wondering if there is any way to localize it to Danish? I tried running some tools on it but with no luck.


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