Give Your Team The Tools They Need

One of the EASIEST yet impactful takeaways from 12: Elements of Great Managing I got over the years but one I see bosses and companies being goofy about is the Second Element:

Give your people the materials and equipment they need to do their job well.

There are some things that are no-brainers, especially for web workers: laptops, screens, keyboards, mouse.

But you’d be surprised how often people work on crappy equipment and make their jobs less efficient (for you, dear leader) and them more frustrated.

For some of the requests I got that were more “out there” or questionable, all I asked was for them to give me a good justification of why they want it, how they’ll use it to be more productive, happy, etc.

It wasn’t a huge stupid process with 15 forms where they had to wait 2 months. That kind of wall to climb simply to get things that will help you do better for your job is RIDICULOUS and motivation stifling.

Mine was easy … just give me a good enough reason that this ask makes you better for your work here.

Most of these requests were so easy I instantly gave my credit card or ordered it on the spot for them.

You need a license of Camtasia to record video tutorials for our YouTube channel?


Btw, here’s the license for it. Surprise! Can’t wait to see the first videos!

Other times I would observe someone using a slow or outdated tool or workflow, limping along and offer:

Hey, I can’t believe you’re still using that …. I’m getting you a new one right now.

Because here’s the message I want to send by doing so:

Dear valued team member, I want you to have great tools, resources to contribute your very best here.

And I’m committed as your leader to blow up roadblocks and obstacles for you.

Let me show you right now.


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