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How to Find Purposeful Paychecks: My New Book Is Here

Purposeful Paychecks bookToo many times in my life I’ve met people who were miserable in their work. They either hated the work they did or couldn’t stand the people they worked with … and with each day they gave something of themselves to that 9-to-5 prison cell that they couldn’t ever get back.

Too many people are stuck. They are lost, actually. And consequently get bitter because they don’t know how to find their way out of it … and end up poisoning the lives of everyone around them.

It’s one of the tragedies of life and I want to help change it.

Work shouldn’t be like this.

You see … I’ve always enjoyed my work, using my skills and talent to make an impact in people’s lives (and sustain my living by it!), or else I simply changed it as quickly as I could when it sucked.

So last summer I started working on a new book that I’m releasing today called “Purposeful Paychecks: How to Find Lasting Career Happiness.”

It is my manifesto of sorts for ensuring career happiness and work-life alignment.

It’s the principles and steps I take continually to be happy in my own work. And it ultimately led me to entrepreneurship — which is really about creating your ideal job.

The book is 60+ pages of pouring my heart out to help you make the changes and keep on path to the work that ultimately will fulfill you. Some of it won’t be popular advice, some of it you might shrug off, but I believe in it and use it every day to finding meaningful work that drives me — enough so to not have any “real” hobbies.

Download the Purposeful Paychecks book here today and then let me know how your journey is going.


Special thanks goes to Jula Hoops, Steve Ludwigs, Devin Clark, Rita Bartholomew and John Blais, who edited the draft I sent out and gave amazing feedback and tuned it up for the better! Along with Kristen Wright, Brad Ulrich and of course my wife Lindsey Miller for additional editing, layout and design work. You all rock! Thank you for being such a vital part of this book.

3 replies on “How to Find Purposeful Paychecks: My New Book Is Here”

Hi Cory, how would you recommend that web developers or other online specialist promote themselves when the competition from abroad is so much cheaper?

Because demonstrating quality and experience seems to lose out to whatever service is the cheapest lately.

Many thanks

Adam, when cheaper competition enters the market it is super tough. We’ve faced it ourselves with competitors who come in and make what we do a commodity.

Here’s some things we’ve done to stand out:

  • Be the most personal
  • Offer the best quality and things other can’t or won’t
  • Showcase the difference by showing the results you offer and can guarantee (and the price they are gambling for not going your route)
  • Build a community that we serve and who loves us
  • Seek and post testimonials of all of the above

The other big thing you have in your particular situation is being able to speak the language, be on the same time zone, and understand the culture and what the result they are wanting.

All of which needs to be told through the story that we share in a compelling way through everything we do.

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