How To Make a Long Tail Business Even Better

Amazon is brilliant …

Here’s why: If you’re read the Long Tail, you know that Amazon is a Long Tail-type business.

So just this week, I just stumbled upon a new on-demand publishing business called Create Space. They offer a lot of similar services as Lulu and other on-demand businesses, including DVD, audio CDs, audiobooks, and books.

Here’s the kicker: It’s owned by Amazon.

And here’s the brilliance: Thousands of publishers get their content produced by Create Space … and all of it gets listed on Amazon.

In other words … Amazon has opened the product pipeline for hundreds of thousands of potential Long Tail, niche product to easily be listed and sold through their ecommerce system … at relatively no cost to them.

In essence, they have opened the floodgates for more profit, while cutting out those middlemen. After all, why should Amazon rely on traditional publishing systems to give them content and products. Why not go straight to the thousands of fledgling Internet marketers and content creators.

And then sit back and collect all the royalties for all of it!


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