Rockin Blue 3 Column WordPress Theme Released

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rockin blue wordpress theme 3 column

Based on the great results I got from my 2 column Rockin Blue theme, I’m releasing a 3 column version of it with some tweaks that I hope will make it an even better theme.

Download the theme here.
Demo it here.

UPDATE: If you downloaded this theme prior to Sunday, Feb. 25, you’ll probably have problems with sidebar widgets duplicated on both sidebars. The link above is the corrected version.

Please make any comments or suggestion here. Thanks!

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16 thoughts on “Rockin Blue 3 Column WordPress Theme Released”

  1. Hi Cory,
    I like the RockinBlue 3 very much, but I’m new to this so would like to ask what may be a very obvious question: will I have any difficulty adding Adsense blocks to the theme?
    I’m a psychotherapist and am in the process of developing several sites with information geared for Christians on mental health and relationship topics. I’m not sure I’m going to go the Adsense route, but might give it a try.

    Thanks, Lissa

  2. Hi Cory.

    I love the look of this theme, but I’d like to be able to control the sidebars with sidebar widgets.

    When I go to Sidebar Widgets under Presentation, it only shows one sidebar to drag and drop items into. And when I drop items into that sidebar, it eliminates everything on both the left and right sidebars when viewing the site.

    Do you, or does anyone for that matter, have a fix for this?

  3. This is fabulous. When I get it set up at my other website I’ll drop in and tell you so. 🙂

    For three days I have combed and klebbed looking for something…this is it I think.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Cory, on the ordered, unordered Live Demo for this theme…the comments aren’t wrapping.

    …and in IE6 the post begins way at the bottom.

    I used FireFox and IE6 to view. 🙂

  5. Cory, I created
    a class for photos that pads the images by 20px on two sides, but when I apply a link to the image, there is a boarder that wraps around the pad! I’d
    like to remove the boarder but can’t find it in the CSS file. Any thoughts?

  6. Hello Cory
    Wonderfull job (sorry I am french speaking).
    As I told you in my mails the center col is driving me pretty insane as you can’t use any html tags.
    If you do this will make the text lines acting stange and this is the same for the images.
    I have modified the width of the post and single post from 440 to 470 and the text is making 480 or something like this.
    I have also another problem with images by adding a publin for gallery. the whole thing is working but when I use the link to the gallery the whole blog comes inside the post page …

    Anyway I am a very patient one and have my other blog I stopped at 80.000 pages. I want to get this blog and theme running before getting on the other one back.

    You asked me to post in the site to make all the other available to get infos on the theme and I did.

    My wishes is to have a center col that is centered and that doesn’t act strange in the left or in the right. I like to use the “justify” text but it’s not easy as the next 5 or 6 lines are getting crazy. It’s the same with center or div align center …

    Up to you

    my blog -> (ecology for children)

    Merci et bonne journée

  7. Something else …. there is hard to makethe diff between post 1 and 2 and 3 on the main page.
    Can you not use the same blue bar in the header to contain the post title ?
    This wouls be a nice way to separate ‘visualy’ the post from another one.



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