Just Got Some Fancy New Clothes

After over 3 years of having the same website design on, I’m super pumped to announce that we just flipped the switch on our new site design. It’s been months (and maybe years) in the making with a ton of work from our uber-talented team — and in particular Brad Ulrich and Ty Carlson.

This was the biggest redesign project I’ve ever been a part of. It’s also definitely the one of the most complex WordPress design projects I’ve even heard of as we have hundreds of pages and posts, integrations with our ecommerce/membership and forum software, and we really wanted drink our own Kool-Aid and use iThemes Builder, our star WordPress theme, with it for maximum flexibility.

You can read all the details about the new redesign features and a special Q&A with Brad and Ty too.

As with any launch of this site, we’re still working out some kinks, but go check out the new and let us know what you think!


Check Out For Free WordPress Themes

Along with my buddy Nathan Rice, we’ve started a website targeted at releasing our free WordPress themes from called Rockin Themes.

This is where we’ll be releasing our themes from now on … at our personal sites, you’ll get a quick promo, but for all downloads and support, please head over there.

Go check it out.