Social Media’s Great Opportunity Is …

… Search Engine Optimization.

I just touched on this when I said that the day a social media platform (like Facebook or Twitter) outranks me in Google for my own name is the day I might consider changing my online strategy.

I still firmly believe that WordPress-powered sites on your own domain name – with some very basic tweaks – are the most powerful and affordable online marketing tool today.

But think about this … these platforms have TONS of direct traffic — millions of people typing those social media URLs directly into their browser and logging in every day to those sites.

But what would happen if they DID outrank you for your own keywords in Google.


Or actually Yahoo!

Everybody gives Yahoo! a bad rap … and maybe justly so (they got killed by Google at their own game because their search relevancy sucked) … but have you noticed some of the Google search results lately?

They (Yahoo!) are doing a pretty good job of search engine optimization for their massive amount of content they generate — to Google at least.

I see their results popping up for news in particular (typed in “flu” and got a Yahoo article in 7th place), but for other things like “web hosting” (front page).

I’d love to see their own statistics of how much of their traffic gets referred to them BY Google, their chief competitor (or are they?).

Or heck, think about this … Wikipedia.

Can you take a guess at what kind of statistics they get from Google?

Google almost any generic keyword phrase and you’ll probably get a Wikipedia entry.

So … imagine for a second …. that the social media platform start optimizing their content for Google.

Wow, what an opportunity. My blog’s already cringing.

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