Support for Fear, Worry, Anxiety in Uncertain Times + Ways Therapists Can Do More Online

For everyone …

I wanted to quickly share some resources on managing the emotions and our mental health around our world right now:

For my entrepreneur friends …

  • For entrepreneurs, I wrote about this piece on 8 Ways to Transform Fear and Uncertainty in 2016 but I still go back to it as a reminder for myself in dark times.
  • Take a moment and just check in with clients/customers …. ask how they are doing, especially those who might be severely hurt by it (think restaurants, etc), don’t pitch anything, just say you’re reaching out personally and get how tough this is and offer support, even if it’s an ear to listen and a virtual shoulder to cry on. Promote and support them and others as best you can.

For my therapist friends ….

This is an excellent opportunity for you to do what you do ONLINE and support your world:

  • Take In-Person Sessions Online with Zoom … get the Zoom Pro ($15 a month) so there’s not a 40-minute cap … you can use Calendly to streamline booking and connect your calendar and even take payment.
  • Start and Facilitate Virtual Support Groups … particularly among those who rely on in-person support groups. Can be done very easy with Zoom.
  • Do Facebook Lives and answer questions, offer resources … you can setup a Facebook Page and do a Live Broadcast from your Page. Do it on a set time … do it every day for a week … etc.
  • Do Instagram Lives and the same from your phone,
  • Start a podcast …. record on your phone or laptop in a quiet place … do 3-5 minute meditations or mindful exercises … or answer questions you might get … then look at Simplecast or Castos to host it then post to your social media and website.
  • Same for YouTube … in fact if you record on Facebook or Instagram, repost the video to YouTube if you have time.
  • Start or grow your email list … Mailchimp is free up to 2000 contacts. You need to have an email list. Then you can share to those who sign up for your awesome new supportive content. Point people in all your public social channels back to your email list, which should be prominent on your website.


What else? Got other ideas? Post in the commends. 

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