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The Long Tail and Your Product Sales

Everything I’ve read about internet marketing of products, or passive income streams through residual product sales, mainly describe the sales process as one the you start and it moves in times with near effortless, uh, effort.

Like you create something, then release it in gravity-less space, give it the initial push and it’ll travel at the same speed for eternity.

At least that’s the impression I get …

(I’m not being cynical either, just interested for selfish reasons!)

One of my clients, who has developed into a great friend and quasi-mentor, makes a great living creating these types of products. But I’ve also noticed, he does work relatively hard at it. But I’ve also noticed that he’s not sipping pina coladas on a beach somewhere … he’s constantly revising, tweaking his product launches in unique ways and releasing them again.

Then in my own experience, with the releasing of free WordPress themes, or other even blog posts, I’ve found that there’s an initial burst of energy (i.e. downloads, or site visits), then after a while, they taper down or off to a consistent yet slightly declining pattern.

And to me, it looks like The Long Tail.

So I’m just curious … I’d love to have some input here … if you’re an internet marketer with any kind of experience selling products online … what can you tell me (and us) about your sales process over time.

Is my experience and what I’ve shared here consistent with yours?

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