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The Secret to Marketing Like Google and Starbucks

I was just reading this article about Google’s abysmal advertising budget and this quote from the writer summed up how great products and services generate natural and amazing marketing on its own:

Like Google, Starbucks made a name for itself by developing a distinctive product that quickly resonated with consumers whose enthusiasm became infectious.

Those rich, compact words describe great marketing so well that if I were writing a foundational goal or mission statement or whatever for any new potential business idea, product or service, that’s how I’d write it …

With just some tweaking, here’s the quick formula for the kind of marketing of a Google or Starbucks:

“[Company name] will [create/build/develop] … a distinctive product that resonates with our consumers in a way that produces infectious enthusiasm.”

[By the way, this kind of language permeates the hot business marketing books circling around today.]

Google and Starbucks have created such stellar products — in which their customers love, cherish, admire, etc. so much that they give great word-of-mouth marketing to — that they can afford NOT to do much traditional marketing.

Their “distinctive” product does it for them!

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