Two Opportunities To Focus On Your Leadership

I have a couple of things rolling out next week that I don’t want you to miss ….

First, I’ve got two new 4-week small groups on leadership starting next week …. we’ll be meeting weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays and hope you’ll join me and your peers. The first group and I finished a couple weeks ago and was so energized by the conversations as we learned together.

I emphasize the live online group meetings, like our Leader Huddles, because I’ve personally seen the impact that peer groups can have.

Second, my first mini-course called Uniquely You will be rolling out next Tuesday to learn more about yourself so you can lean into your own strengths and style of leadership. It includes a 30-minute call with me to discuss and offer feedback and ideas.

I’d relish your feedback on these offerings to help you invest in your leadership … hit my contact form, or the comments below, and let me know what’s holding you back, or ways I can better help you (including format, topics, delivery, etc).


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