Unboxing My New Tom Bihn Laptop Bag

I’m notoriously cheap on buying things like laptop bags, but after reading this article and discovering Tom Bihn, I decided I wanted to buy ONE bag that’d last me and that I’d love …. it arrived today:

Tom Bihn does a LOT of things right. They are personal (I talked to Katy and she was super cool), have unique and amazing products (the product videos SOLD me), and they are made in the United States (Seattle, and they open their shop once a month and I want to go!).

Yes, I’m a geek and love it.

One reply on “Unboxing My New Tom Bihn Laptop Bag”

Looks like a great bag Cory. Thanks for sharing the “un-boxing”. It’s good to see someone else use a key to open a box like I do. I laughed when I saw that.


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