What Are Your Life’s Core Values?

Was asked this question recently and wanted to pose it here: What are the top three values of your life?

Values are only values if every decision you make is filtered through them. It’s not a value if it doesn’t make the checklist of your decisions. And you can tell what you value BY your decisions.

So, of course, I gave four instead of three:

  • Love & Caring – I want to be known as someone who loves and cares for people. This also means helping others.
  • Right & Wrong – I want my life to be centered on good values that put people first.
  • Purpose & Impact – I want my life to count, to use my time, talent and treasure to make people’s lives awesome.
  • Learning & Growing (Teaching & Sharing) – I want to always be growing and for others to grow as well.

I hope my life paints these in vivid color.

The real test would be … if you were to be impartially judged by your stated core values, would they be found true?

In reflection these matter most to me. And of course I’ve stumbled and not always lived them or acted on them as my core. But looking at them, they resonate within me deeply.

And as the founder and CEO of our company, I’ve found that my core values and DNA are interwoven into who we are and how we do things. And I like that. Very much. As these symbolize who I am, to my core.

What are your life’s core values? 

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4 thoughts on “What Are Your Life’s Core Values?”

  1. My three, and the three I’m trying to pass on to my kids, are Generosity, Affection, and Perseverance.

    Generosity isn’t just about money. It’s about experiences, time, and effort. We all have things we can share with others, if our eyes are looking right. We just have to see and hear the opportunities and be prepared. That’s what I want for my family.

    Affection is about genuinely being a person who sees the value in others and embraces it. There’s always something unique about a person if we spend time to find it. It also helps us be good at building friendship.

    Perseverance is all about the grind. The hard work. I don’t want my kids thinking that if they’re at the right spot, at the right time, they’ll just win everything. I want them embracing hard work. It’s why we named our first child Emily – because it means industrious.

    I hope these are the colors I paint with so my kids see it modeled out for them in every day life.

    • #BOOM – as someone who has spent a good amount of time with you over the last couple of years, I can attest to your value paint. 🙂

  2. A very fitting list, Cory. You exemplify these values in word and deed continually.

    My own Values which I try to live up to:
    Honesty: Dealing fairly with others, not taking shortcuts, speaking honestly with others. Live fearlessly. What do I have to lose? Don’t sabotage or plot against others. Walk away from conflict when possible. The only power is what you give others. Stand up for what is right when others are silent. No fear for doing what is right or standing up for what is right.

    Generosity and Gratitude: No matter what happens around me, it could be a lot worse. I’m grateful for all the breaks I’ve gotten. How can I give back and help others? Give generously of my time, knowledge, resources whenever possible. Have empathy for those less fortunate (for the grace of God, that could be me!) A positive attitude makes everything more bearable, a negative attitude or negative words are like asking the Universe for bad things to happen to me. No one wants that. Change what is under my control, let go of things that don’t matter. Being grateful for others success, not envious or jealous. They are showing you how to get there! My path is my own, other people’s path are their own. Celebrate the unique path you have. Help others who need help. This is why I want to succeed. Not to hoard, bit to help others.

    Fearlessness: What’s the worst thing that can happen? Everyone has a time limit, that’s inevitable. Make your mark in between. Too much time wasted already by living in fear of consequences. Never again. Fortune favors the bold. YOLO. Learn from others. Don’t fear asking for help. You don’t ask, you don’t get. Believe, and others will too. The path appears when you have the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Never compromise who you are.

    I know that’s a bit long-winded, but narrowing it down to three is difficult!

    Best of luck, brother. You are doing good work. The world needs more of that.

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