Why More Kids Don’t Grow Up to Be Web Designers

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… Web browsers!

… specifically Internet Explorer.

… more specifically Internet Explorer 6.

If you’re running IE 6 (or any for that matter), please upgrade to a better browser like Firefox.

Seriously. Come out of the dark ages.

Back to the original intent of this post … I think one of the primary reasons print designers, specifically, don’t get into web development is because of coding (what creative designer wants to deal with learning a new language) and how the different web browsers display pages differently.

It was a painful process for me … that is still painful.

My hope is that soon IE6 will die (a horrible, painful yet quick one) … and Microsoft in particular will begin making solid browsers.

Our backend developer Chris tells me Google’s Chrome browser is a big step in helping the entire browser market get even better.

Thanks, Google. (Just try not to become an even bigger monopoly and start swinging your big stick because you now own all the traffic on the web.)

But I remember my early days cutting my teeth as a print designer for newspapers. I used PageMaker originally, got to college and learned the beauty of Quark. I still love Quark. I got so fast and go throw stuff together at amazing speeds. (I wish web design was like that!)

Those times were so much simpler. Mostly I just had to worry about fonts.

I mastered print. But web is the future. Or at least mine.

So tell your kids not to be afraid.

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