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Why More Kids Don’t Grow Up to Be Web Designers

… Web browsers!

… specifically Internet Explorer.

… more specifically Internet Explorer 6.

If you’re running IE 6 (or any for that matter), please upgrade to a better browser like Firefox.

Seriously. Come out of the dark ages.

Back to the original intent of this post … I think one of the primary reasons print designers, specifically, don’t get into web development is because of coding (what creative designer wants to deal with learning a new language) and how the different web browsers display pages differently.

It was a painful process for me … that is still painful.

My hope is that soon IE6 will die (a horrible, painful yet quick one) … and Microsoft in particular will begin making solid browsers.

Our backend developer Chris tells me Google’s Chrome browser is a big step in helping the entire browser market get even better.

Thanks, Google. (Just try not to become an even bigger monopoly and start swinging your big stick because you now own all the traffic on the web.)

But I remember my early days cutting my teeth as a print designer for newspapers. I used PageMaker originally, got to college and learned the beauty of Quark. I still love Quark. I got so fast and go throw stuff together at amazing speeds. (I wish web design was like that!)

Those times were so much simpler. Mostly I just had to worry about fonts.

I mastered print. But web is the future. Or at least mine.

So tell your kids not to be afraid.

Idea: Delicious Bookmarking Plugin for iPhone

I use Delicious bookmarking like an addict …. it’s a great way for me to store all the neat sites that I found and don’t have time to read, or just want to save for later.

I’ve found that recently though I do a lot of my blog feedreading from my iPhone (in bed). And there are a bunch of times when I want to save it to my Delicious account, but when I click on an icon I have to login to it …

That’s a problem, or at least an irritating inconvenience, because I don’t always remember my password … and sometimes it doesn’t remember that I’ve logged in already.

So here’s my plea …. someone write a Delicious Bookmarking Plugin for the iPhone … and tell me about it!

Facebook Chat: One More Reason to Get Hooked

It seems to me the value of Facebook and MySpace and the other big social networking sites who have cashed in on huge valuations and venture capital is in the number of users they have signed up … but also how often and long those users use the service.

In other words, the key to success for them is getting a large audience using your service for long periods of time.

If you offer something of value and convenience, I think you can get them (me) hooked and addicted! Twitter is starting to do this for me, but I’m still not convinced yet. Read More→

Tracking Wildfires with Google Maps

Check out how KPBS radio is using Google Maps to track the San Diego County Wildfires:

california wildfires

How Young Entrepreneurs Are Rockin’ It Online: Threadless

This video presentation is worth the entire 45 minutes … just to see how these young entrepreneurs are doing some incredible things online … while building a community … and making money.

The two guys presenting are from Threadless … after watching this who wouldn’t want to work there?!

[Found via BlogMinistry]