How To Launch a Wildly Successful Web 2.0 Company and Get Rich

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Just reading some of the awesome success stories of Web 2.0 companies and seeing them cash out and become instant millionaires … I thought I’d throw up my “how to get rich” list …

I must say … I’m not rich, have never cashed out … and probably never will in this way … and don’t one who has … so these are just my “observations” of how to do it!

Here it is …

  • Create a valuable service or product to an underserved audience — Think convenience … i.e., make someone’s life easier, like giving them a better way to bookmark favorite sites, or share Internet videos, or their photos, or maintain their personal websites
  • Offer it for free … — Consider free stuff as the cheapest advertising and marketing you can do
  • Hire a three geniuses — marketing, design, tech … and let them work their magic
  • Make it extremely easy to know what it is, how to sign up, and how to tell others about
  • Be ready for the tidal wave … meaning, invest in technology, bandwidth, servers, whatever, so you’re never down and thus irritate users and thus lose momentum
  • Take venture capital money, when you can’t handle the tidal wave — At some point you’ll max out your credit card
  • Sell to Google or Yahoo! — That’s your prom date … put on your prettiest dress for them
  • Be rich, invest in other Web 2.0 geniuses, but let them do all the hard work this time

If you get rich, let me know … or better yet, send me a “thank you!”

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