Work Transitions and Emerging From the Fog

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I really really love work.

I find immense purpose and focus in my work.

I told Lindsey a couple of years ago not to expect me to ever retire in the traditional sense of the word.

I’m not advocating or saying I’m a workaholic, but that I just love working and having projects that give me a sense of purpose and moving forward and impacting people’s lives.

I love employing my strengths and experiences into the world and seeing my work make a difference.

Over the past year, it’s been a struggle through the dense fog for the most extended period of my life related to work.

Having gone through an extended period of being lost, it’s given me a pause to evaluate and update the notion that My Work is My Hobby. I’m not sure that it’s the healthiest way forward for me. For now, I’m seeking a hobby outside of work and first place is Exercise, which I’ll likely write about later.

But as I embark in the new year and a new decade ahead with great clarity and energy because of the projects I’m involved in that really gelled and came to fruition late in 2019 (some I can’t talk about publicly yet).

I love being involved in multiple projects as I’ve always been a plate spinner, even at iThemes. But I know not all will work out in the long term and I like to diversify my entrepreneurial projects and think of them as experiments in my lab.

Additionally, in all of these projects I have partners, something I set out intentionally to do. Most entrepreneurs I know wouldn’t even consider partners. But I know I am so much better with collaborators. And all of the projects I’m involved in will be better for the diverse creative perspectives and experiences, along with the conflict and tension that comes with it.

Here are the three projects I can talk about (and I’ll be sharing the others very soon) …

  • Digital Marketing Kitchen my friend and partner Rebecca Gill and I are putting the finishing touches on a course that preaches our system of digital marketing for launch in February. The goal is to help you make progress in your digital marketing. In the meantime you should signup for her free SEO Bootcamp coming in a couple of weeks.
  • Exit Exercise my friend and partner Jeff Meziere and I have both been through business exits in vastly different types of businesses. We’ve been working the last couple of weeks in deep work getting a checklist to see if your business is ready for an exit. We think it’s an ideal exercise to improve your business for you, the entrepreneur, but get a plan and actions in place for the future.
  • Leader.Team Huddles helping leaders learn and grow, together. I facilitate 7-person small groups of peer leaders. We talk about successes in the last 30 days and challenges in the next 30 days. We meet once a month for 90 minutes. It’s some of the most fulfilling work I do each month and excited for my five groups all meeting next week.
  • UPDATE: Post Status Partner I’m stoked to be able to announce I’m joining my friend Brian Krogsgard as a partner at Post Status, a great community that supports web entrepreneurs and professionals.

I’ll be sharing the other two in the coming weeks and super excited to share that news.

But in the meantime, I’m just so thankful for the clarity, energy and focus that these projects have given me. To feel engaged and energized. To see more clearly how I connect in the world.

And more importantly … I’m thankful to my partners for these projects … and my most important partner, Lindsey, for loving, supporting and walking with me through the fog.


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