Here are a list of books Cory Miller has written, which you can download by signing up for his community newsletter:


The New Rules of Entrepreneurship – We need to burn the current playbook. We need a reorientation to what entrepreneurship should be about. (Hint: It’s about people and purpose plus profit … making meaning while making money).

The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Is It For You? – Entrepreneurship is an adventure — a long, arduous journey like climbing one of the world’s highest mountains. As such budding entrepreneurs should know the risks involved, what an entrepreneur does for the world and ask themselves some tough questions before starting on the journey. In this book startup entrepreneur Cory Miller shares advice on aligning your life’s passions and purpose, and how to prepare for the entrepreneurial climb.

Web Design Business Plan Primer A Business Plan Primer for WordPress Web Designers — This short workbook provides a simple blueprint and guide for starting a freelance business. You’ll get tips for setting goals, dealing with clients, marketing your skills, handling finances and tools to help you invest in your business.


Essential Career Advice for Developers If software is eating the world, and I believe it is, we — the businesses and startups focused on creating that software — need you more than ever. We need good, solid, dependable, knowledge, collaborative developers to build the software that will eat the world … or simply make it a better place.

Purposeful Paychecks bookPurposeful Paychecks: How to Find Lasting Career Happiness Work that pays the bills but also frees us to be fulfilled and happy in our jobs. We should pursue work that not only meets our physical needs, but also meets our emotional and spiritual needs as well. You’re going to spend a vast chunk of your life at work, it might as well be work that matters. That’s what I call the Purposeful Paycheck.

I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks – 30-plus tips to get a job for young people! A resume is just piece of paper. But it’s also a brochure that sells your services to employers. But the fact is: Most resumes suck. Not because of the paper or even format, but because you haven’t done the work building the key areas employers look for to make it rock. In “I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks,” iThemes founder Cory Miller shares 30+ tips for how to start doing the things that will make you an attractive free agent to prospective employers.

5 Keys to Getting Paid Well Doing What You Love – Short ebook on how to combine your passions with skills and experiences to find enduring work you love, while supporting your life.


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