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7 Lessons of a Rookie Entrepreneur

After almost two months of being a full-time entrepreneur, there are a number of first-time experiences, feelings and lessons I’ve walked through that I thought I’d share simply for therapeutic reasons and also because they might help someone else starting out for the first time.

A lot of these particular things I’ve learned may have come up simply because of my personality type and quirks as a human being. Some are most assuredly because I work from a home office. But I think there’s some applicable value in most of them.

So here are six things I’ve learned as a rookie entreprener:

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Know Thy Strengths

I’m fascinated by personality tests and other tools that help clarify who you are, what you’re good at, etc. I took the Myers-Briggs Test Indicator in college and that started my immense interest in the subject. So a while back, I bought the book Now, Discover Your Strengths and took …

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