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Build Your Business Like Software

(I wrote in-depth pieces about how Your Business Is like Software here and also have another 8 Similar Principles Between Business and Software Development here.) Build. Ship. Iterate. I love iterative software development. It’s how I’ve seen good software ship and become great software over time. I adore how it is all about continuous improvement. And …

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Marketing Isn’t Evil, It’s Your Best Ally

This is a post in my series titled Entrepreneurship for Developers. (Get it delivered via email here). Too many of you awesome developers think all marketing is evil and all marketers are sleazy. As such, you stay as far away from it as you possibly can. That’s a huge mistake. And here’s …

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New Series: Entrepreneurship for Developers

Based on input I got about a series for developers who are also wearing the hat of entrepreneur, founder, CEO … I’m going to be intentional about blogging some tips, thoughts and experiences in 2014 and I’m calling the blog series Entrepreneurship for Developers. (Get it via email here.) Here are …

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