Introducing Movable Type Themes, Template Sets from iThemes

Today, we’ve officially rolled out our Movable Type Theme Store.

It’s been a couple months in the making, but we’re pleased with the warm, welcoming reception we’ve gotten from SixApart, makers of Movable Type.

We’ve taken two of our most popular themes (Essence and Success) and ported them into Movable Type 4 to start. (We’re taking pre-orders for Essence, which should be done shortly.)

Our hope is to get feedback from the MT community on what they actually want (since admittedly, we’re new to MT).

We’ll still be offering premium WordPress themes, but will begin venturing into taking that same innovative design, functionality and creativity into Movable Type.

Part of the design to move into the Movable Type arena has been an obvious need for quality templates for a solid, robust publishing system … and the extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere we’ve gotten from SixApart and the gang there.

Go check out our Movable Type Theme Store here.

FlexxTheme: WordPress Blog Theme for Professionals

Over at iThemes, we just released another version of our FlexxTheme called Professional.

As the theme might suggest, it’s designed for CEOs, small business owners and independent professionals wanting to get started blogging.

Check out FlexxTheme Professional here and find purchase information here

P.S. – The best deal is our multiple-use package that includes all 5 FlexxTheme versions.

A Truly Web 2.0 WordPress Blog Theme: Flexx

I don’t usually brag. I am a pretty low key type of guy. In fact, in San Francisco this year for WordCamp, I preferred anonymity. I like to sneak in the back and keep my head down. Way away from the limelight.

But I’m going to get outside my comfort zone and do a bit of overdo recognition to our five-member team at iThemes …which includes Nathan Rice, Jesse Petersen, Chris Jean and James Dalman.

Each one brings some great talent to our company … and today we just rolled out one awesome mega WordPress theme called FlexxTheme.

It’s truly the biggest and best theme project I’ve ever been a part of … we thought to ourselves, what do people want and need from a WP theme … and we built a theme around that.

The result?

A theme with …

  • Over 1,000 possible layout combinations
  • Plug and play graphical changes – including Flash-like rotating header images and easy background effects
  • A contact form page template already embedded
  • Simple search engine optimization tweaks

Oh! And it’s already WordPress 2.7 compatible! We’ve been testing it on the nightly build for over a week now. The demo site is even runnign 2.7.

Check out these terrible screencasts I just did showing off some of the functionality I mentioned above .. like the FlexxLayout that offers point and click layouts changes and making graphical changes easily.

Go test drive the two initial versions of FlexxTheme called Bold and Canvas … and find purchase details here

FlashFrame: Photo Gallery WordPress Theme Released

My good friend and photographer Matt Danner has been one of our first beta testers for most of our photo gallery WordPress themes, and last week he gave me some input on a new theme we’re calling FlashFrame.

It’s built with a neat home page fading images option that’s now incorporated into most of our WP themes … where you upload images from the WP Dashboard (no FTP required) and can set the transitions from the theme’s settings page.

You can also have a Blog too, behind the scenes, where you talk about photos and display them outside of the featured home area.

It also comes in two colors: Black and White (creative huh?). And yes, both colors included with purchase.

Check out Flash Frame here and get purchase information here