Why Online Advertising Is Better Than Traditional Advertising

I’m talking specifically about print (newspapers, magazines) and broadcast (TV, radio). But I’m excluding direct mail advertising.

Here’s why online ads beat traditional advertising: It’s measuarable!

For the past several decades advertising representatives have done a great job selling the “value” of advertising as we know it today. They’ve invested a lot into their sales pitch and honed it in an excellent manner.

But the thing they’ve lacked is real metrics — statistics — to show their customers the return on investment.

Now … my hope is that all those ad reps with such excellent sales pitches about value and ROI come running to online advertising and showcase the power of online advertising’s strengths: it’s growing (rapidly) and you can actually see results!

One of the main reasons I hope this happens is so that all the great blogs out there can actually make a decent income (side or full-time) on their hard work … to be valued as much as their print counterparts. (Of course, if the value warrants it.)

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