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Hook Customers on Your Website Like Hercules

Hercules Hook has one seriously awesome marketing website. An excellent and energetic infomercial-type video runs immediately once you log on to the site. The front page is packed with graphics that look like a direct mail flier, only they’re clean and effective. To cap it off, an order form is included “below the fold.” Although […]

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How Specialty Grocery Stores, Niche Food Outlets Could Be Using Blogs

… by posting free recipes like Smoothie Recipes does. I could see how a grocery store or food outlet, like a nutrition store or “organic” shop, could also post cooking and health food tips based on their products … … but the principle is simple: Find ways to promote your products or services in innovative, […]

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Rockin’ Business Blog: Countrywide Insurance’s Credit Dymystified

Countrywide Insurance’s Credit Dymystified site is an excellent example of using a blog (WordPress) for educating and … hmm, marketing! This site shows how you can teach people … and in doing so, demonstrate your expertise and products.